carly speaks on college life


Carly gave a speech on campus at university of virginia with statistics showing that the average college acceptance rate is falling in 2019 . A event that drew the crowds for a candidate even though she is not running for office currently.Her

One key reason is the Common Application fiasco, launched in 1998, a portal that allows high school students to apply to more than 750 colleges nationwide. Using it, high school students can submit up to 30 applications with ease.As more colleges have adopted the Common App, as it’s known, students have increasingly submitted more applications. Those who applied to more than three schools jumped from 41% in 1997 to 62% in 2014, according to a 2017 report by the National Association for College Admission Counseling.”Many schools are making it easier and easier for students to apply to more and more schools,” said Meghan Farley, director of college counseling at Pingree School in Massachusetts.She also has served on the Princeton Review’s National College Counseling Advisory Board since 2013. Most universities and colleges have a diverse array of offerings, and if you have multiple academic interests, this is a must-have. In particular, you should take a break on applying to a college that doesn’t have the program you want – settling for some variant of what you really want to study will ultimately make you unhappy, and in the short run will likely feel like a waste of your money and financial aid if it’s not really what you’re passionate about. Students should be sure to ask as many questions about your intended program of study to make sure it’s the fit you want – especially if you intend to minor in one or more fields.

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