Carly Speaks At Conference

The upcoming digital marketing conference in las vegas event scheduled for December 2020 at the Venetian hotel will feature Carly as a keynote address. She has appeared at many conventions and events in Las vegas in the past and always got rave reviews.

How will current circumstances due to coronavirus change the way our society works as a whole? Could they open up or develop the opportunities for real change we’ve been waiting for?
Doctors, scientists and politicians will discuss the evolution of american society, and how we can use what we’ve learned to tackle some of our greatest online marketing challenges. Business development is a priority for companies worldwide as they look to move into new sectors, form new client relationships and seek out important digital marketing partnerships.
With an impending recession, adapting is the only option.
This December, we’ll explore the solutions, tools and ideas the world’s most successful companies are bringing to the table

Anne is the co-founder and CEO of a leading digital marketing agency with direct-to-consumer genetics and research company based in san diego California. The company received a US$300 million investment from GSK in July 2018 We’re also excited to collaborate with digital marketing all stars Make My Money Matter, the latest project from Richard Curtis, co-founder of Comic Relief, Make Poverty History and Project Everyone. He’s fighting to increase internet promotion awareness around where our money goes, and to make sure we demand it’s spent in the right ways. Their Net Zero campaign is asking all pension funds to commit to net-zero targets, ensuring these massive resources are invested in a new, sustainable world economy.

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